Tell your Business Story- Get known to Millions

Are you an entrepreneur or bizwiz with inspiring business journey?
If yes then it’s time to share it with world. Building a business identity is an important step & meant to be taken the sooner you can. 40% of world population uses internet today, which means that online space definitely offers better branding prospects to both online and offline businesses.

Seeing this online surge, FATbit has come up with its latest website column to cover new & motivational business journeys that would include all startups, entrepreneurs & mid-level businesses. These stories are form of online interviews which will give an overview of your business & help you share them with millions of people on web.

FATbit’s Interviewing Process Research for Potential Interviewees

We look for all industrious business people who have set up a new business, implemented a novel idea or have something to share. Everyone has a story and among those many stories we look for the element that could inspire our readers. So, we research various online & offline businesses including those who run food vans, online ticketing, lunchbox delivery chains, deal in online/offline retail, own ecommerce or other online business.

Shortlist Candidates

Research is followed by shortlisting process where we select individuals who can add a difference to our stories. This selection is based on few parameters like business idea, growth chart, individual achievement & business uniqueness etc.

Share Questionnaire

Taking it further, we share questionnaires with selected candidates. The questionnaire includes questions which will help us gather all details about their business and it will give them a chance to share their thoughts and add everything relevant to their business journey.

Quality Check

Filled questionnaires go through quality analysis & are reformed (proofread, structured) to make the thoughts and information likeable. At this phase, we focus on expression and try our best to make a business interview special & interesting. We will never change or modify the information provided by you; our team of experts will only re structure it if required.

Final Publish

After some minor work on content presentation and images the interview gets ready for publishing. Once published we would promote the same through our social media channels and communities to help create online visibility and reach maximum readers.

How your interview can make a difference to yours as well as others’ business? Mark your presence

All details put under one story give a broader view of your business model & introduces it to new people.

Increase visibility

These interviews come across several readers & add tremendously to your online visibility.

Build Reputation

Online interviews & coverage act as great tool to build online reputation. When a reader gets to read positive things about you & that too on a third party site, it automatically adds one more positive review to your kitty.

Brand your Business

It acts in your favor when people read about you, talk about you & share about you. They start recognizing you as a business entity & so shape you as a brand.

Communicate with users

It acts as a communication channel too as you get to express all about your business whether it’s the past gains or future hiccups. Not just the figures but your passion gets communicated through an interview.

Special attention

Featured Business Stories get noticed distinctively on interviews’ page & receive special attention of visitors.

Traffic Boost

These online interviews include your business link & get shared on several social media platforms, so greater traffic generation is obvious.

Inspire next generation

Business aspirants get inspiration from the success stories & struggle tales of established businesses.

Reasonable media attention

Attract newspapers; magazines and other broadcast units as they too keep a tab on online activities nowadays for their news beat.

Getting read by millions of online readers makes you an inspiration & help business enthusiasts learn from your advice, startup tips & experiences. So, whether you run a travel website, real estate portal, a cafe chain or a small shoe making factory, this could spread the word about your venture.

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