MDMA (ecstasy & molly)

Q: What is MDMA?

A: MDMA is a synthetic and mind altering drug. Its a hallucinogenic and sometimes other things like DXM, cocaine etc are added to the MDMA making it even more risky to take.

MDMA can look like candy

Symptoms of an Overdose

-high blood pressure    -faintness    -panic attacks    -seizures    -loss of consciousness

Side Effects

-nausea    -blurred vision    -heart failure    -thirst

-chills    -rise in body temperature    -kidney failure    -aggression

-sweating    - dehydration    -anxiety    -loss of appetite

-muscle cramping    -high blood pressure    -restlessness

Long Term Effects

-brain damage    -depression    -memory loss    -convulsions    -death

-break down of the nerve branches    -cardiovascular (heart) collapse  

Short Term Effects

-impaired judgement    -confusion    -drug cravings    -blurred vision

-nausea    -sleep problems    -faintness    -chills    -sweating


Pop culture references are making molly more popular by mentioning it in lyrics, movies and music videos. Ecstasy was also extremely popular in night clubs and raves, especially during the 90's. It's mostly kids that do this drug so that's why it's very well known throughout high school and college.

Different Forms

It's usually taken as a pill, tablet, or capsule that look like candy. It can also be in a crystal or powder form.

Ways to Take it/do it

-swallow pills    -swallow crystals    -put powder into water and drink it

-snort it but this will cause the nose to drip    -sometimes injectable

Death Rate

The rate of overdoses and deaths are anywhere from 50 to 100 people per year.

Different names for it

-ecstasy    -molly    -E    -X    -XTC    -adam    -eve    beans    -love drug

-lovers speed    -candy    -happy pill    -malcolm x    -scooby snacks    -smartees

Where it Comes From

MDMA comes from china and the united states.

Illegal Consequences

It depends how much of the drug you have with you. You could get a large fine or even jail time. 1 Gram of ecstasy (3 pills) is equal to 500 grams of marijuana. Being caught with just 200 grams can get you up to 6 years in jail. Being caught with a small amount is at most a year in jail plus a fine. However, the more times you're caught with it, the greater the fine becomes and the more jail time you serve.


The price of ecstasy and molly is around $8-$25 per dosage but when sold in larger quantities, it's around $80-$200 per gram.   

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