Enladrillado, Chile... an UFO platform?

The Enladrillado is an interesting place in the Los Andes mountains. It is located in San Clemente city, VII Region, Chile, at 323 km from Santiago, the capital of Chile. Is part of the Altos de Lircay conservation area. It is an amazing place at approximately 2200 mts over the level of the sea, close to the Descabezado Grande volcano.

Nobody knows exactly how it was created, but there is a lot of hypothesis like it was created by the action of the nature, built by an ancient american culture, and an UFOs landing platform, the last one because it is one of the top UFO sighting places in the world.

As you can see, is strange see a platform like this build at high altitude, in the middle of nowhere.

To visit this place, you should arrive to the Altos de Lircay national park, and after climb for 4 hours, the trail is well signalized.