20% Project Directions for your TACKK

This is where I type informational OVERVIEW about your project. What do you want to learn, how are you going to investigate the topic, etc. Remember, check out the directions (here) for the project!

Choosing my Project (Entry #1)


2) Why did I choose?

3) What do I want to learn/investigate? Be Descriptive and Specific

4) Would I like to do this for a Career? Why or why not? NO one word answers!!! For Rube Goldberg Groups: Would you want to be a Mechanical Engineer?

Intro Research (Planning) (Entry #2)

What did I do to plan/learn about my project? Include GENERAL information on the topic as a whole, and about your individual project. We can get more specific in the next Entry. Include a link for a website, a video, photo, etc. Rube Goldberg Groups have to include a Google Drawing of their plan for their machine.

Intro Research Pt. II (Entry #3)

What information did you learn to help you complete your project (Specifically)? This entry is specific to your project. Examples -  What kind of language for coding are you learning, what kind of model do you want to make, what does your Rube Goldberg machine look like, etc.

Questions Answered (Entry #4)      

What did you do (Specifically)?

Upload a Photo/Video

What Questions did you Answer about how to complete your project?

What you are finding out while doing your project (Entry #5-#6)

In this entry, you should write about beginning and working on your project. Are you having difficulty building, is it working to your plan, your model coming together...?

You should include photos or video for this entry. Showing some kind of success and maybe a few failures.   

What SPECIAL terms (technical) do you need to know? (Entry 6 & 7)

You need to make sure you explain any specialized terms that are used in your project:

Accelerometers, gyroscopes (how do these fit in tablets/devices), pulleys, simple machines, levers, energy transformations, circuits, resistors, LEDs, how to take a 3D model to print, Slicer programs, Loops, repeats, if - then loops...

NEW Questions and Information!

* Now that you've been investigating your project for a while, what new information and questions do you need to research and answer? (should be 3-4 new items to figure out!)

*Make sure to upload any new pictures or video

*Invite a DIFFERENT adult to take a look at your Tackk. AND follow and leave a comment on a classmate's Tackk.

Technical Parts of Your Project

Explaining the "nuts and bolts", the technically specific parts of your project.

Explain the process you need to complete to finish your project.

Tech Stuff, Part 2

Further explain the technical parts of your project, what you need to do to complete your project, and where you are at.

 **  Make sure you mention any problems you are having.  List steps to solve these problems and steps to make sure it doesn't happen again or modifications to minimize problems.  

You Decide what to talk about for Entries (Whatever number you're on)

You should discuss where you are and what you need to do to further your study on your topic.

Talk about what you are doing for testing your models or machines and any difficulty, OR SUCCESSES, you might be having.

YOU AREN'T DONE! Where do you go from here? (Entry ? Whatever Number)

Discuss where you would like to go from here.

What do you want to do to proceed and what modifications/changes to your model/machine would you make to continue on? Make sure to include WHY you are making these modifications...

What you are accomplishing now. (Entry #16)

You should talk about how you are working on your project and progress you are making.

Should be close to having a completed machine, Program (Scratch or Coding), 3d model.

Testing should be going on and you need to talk about how you are taking the errors out of your design. Make sure you include a detailed list of what you did to test your design.

Photos and Video

Did It Work? (Entry #17-ish)

So, were you able to get your Machine, Model, Code, Scratch, Arduino, Drone Flying, Google Cardboard to work like you thought it would work?   

Why or Why not? Explain.    

Give some reasons or ways you had to modify/change your design or even the Project itself.

Include some pictures and/or video showing the changes and why you made them.

Reflections (Entry #18)

Now that your are "done" (remember, no project is really "done", it's only how complete you want to be) with the project, what did you learn about your subject? This should be a list! With many entries... BE SPECIFIC!!

How did your project turn out?

If your machine/model/program (etc) didn't work like you thought it should, why did it not? OR Why did you have success and it did work?

Did your project make you want to pursue this subject more, like a job or a hobby (Rube Goldberg-Enter a contest or Mechanical Engineering for a job)? Why or why not?

Do you wish you would have picked a different project? Why or why not?

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