Cavaliers coach name is David Bratt,the owner of the cavaliers is Dan Gilbert he been the owner for a long time and the cavaliers has just recieved a player his name is J.R Smith and he used to be on the knicks,they traded him for Anthony Bennet,Cavaliers been on a 4-0 game for the last four games.

Cavaliers have lots of good people and you might like some of the players on the team they are one of the best teams in the NBA.

I want to go meet the whole team,they been my favorite team every since i was 9 and my favorite player is Kyrie Irving he is one of the best basketball in the NBA i just want to meet the team because they are one of the best teams and dont be the only person at home not going to the game to watch them.

The tickets for the cavaliers game cost 234 dollars,and the parking ticket cost 8.00 dollars threw 30.00 dollars.

Thats a map around the cavaliers stadium its big,its so big that some people can get lost in it,and the give out good seats if you the first to buy a ticket.

I know you want to come see one of the best basketball players in the NBA and celebritys come and watch the cavs play and people like lil wayne and drake go to watch there cousin Lebron James.

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