PBIS/Restorative Practices
In the classroom- Phase 2

Welcome! Please start at the beginning and work your way down this @tackk resource. At the end of the resource will be a button to submit your work. Please click on that button to link your PBIS classroom plan. If you need anything, just email me (Julie) and I will support you with anything you need!


100 percent of staff will use or implement a sustainable positive behavioral system in their classroom or environment in which they support students.


Mission: Create a sustainable positive behavioral system in your classroom that encompasses restorative practices.


  1. The system needs to embed the whole school PBIS Model of being SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, & RESPECTFUL (District Strategic Plan Safety).
  2. All Components of restorative practices within your structure or positive behavioral system (CITE Standard 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4).                                                         • Recognizes the purpose or function of behavior                                                               • Addresses the needs of those harmed                                                                                 • Works to put right the harm                                                                                                 • Aims to improve the future                                                                                                   • Seeks to heal                                                                                                                             • Uses collaborative processes
  3. Please follow the FLOWCHART associated with minor behaviors vs. major behaviors and next steps when supporting a student with behavioral concerns.
  4. This will be communicated to parents within the first couple weeks of school
  5. Strongly encouraged to collaborate with your teammates and create a grade level system.  


  1. Sent on Wednesday July 29th
  2. Discuss and review on Thursday August 6th

Please email me if you have any ?'s or thoughts as well as add to the comment stream below if you would like to share anything with your peers

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