The Day I Went To Gymnastics  

Oh great times when i was growing

              When I Want Go Gymnastics
When i went to gymnastics to see my friend at the YMCA  at cove road it was cool to see the bars and beam and the fun part the rope and pit.So when i went home i ask my mom to go to gymnastics but i was 5 years old i can still go my mom Sigh up for me at the same place when my friend goes to but when i started i was afraid to go but i went in i went i found out i was in the same class as her i hug her even her older sister was their to! And every time when is the last day of gymnastics i sigh up again and a again and me and Briana and her sister goes to the same class but i was in level 1.

                    When I Was Keep Getting                                            Better!
I keep going and now i am 8 years old am i been doing it for 3 years i gotten better and better.But when it was my 2 year my friend and  her sister was not there.I was sad but i still go on Wednesday's.But i went to class i met a friend her name was Isabella.I said hi do you want to be my friend she said yes together we learn how to do back band pullover on the bars  and do cartwheels on the end of the beam and last a front flip  and a no handed cartwheel.But when it was last day i sigh up again when went inside i found Isabella in my class but i found my friend at school and a met a new girl name Sheena and a girl i now in my class to and they are my best friends.Thank you make me follow you love @lovesweetlove

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