Some people in Mexico spoke language of Olmec, Maya, Aztec and other ancient indian cultures that created some of the world's most advanced civilizations. Mexico has been home great artist. Long before the spanish conquest, the maya and other indians were paintings impresser muralist at Bonampark (state of Chiapas) and elsewhere. Mexico's food is popular because it has delicious ingredients, variety, multiple flavors, and spices. Mexican cultures are important.They have many celebrations called "fiestas". In Mexico the most popular music is the "mariachi". Mexico's society impacts people to coexist with the family and friends.


Mexico's Geography connects to the United States. The geography in my country has peninsulas, lowland, isthmus, highlands and basins. The seasons in Mexico are spring, summer, autumn and  winter.The north parts are warmer, and does not rain a lot. The central plateau has more cooler weather and rain more, the east coast are more warmer than central plateau, the south pacific coast are warmer and rain more often. The temperature change with the elevation. The rainy season started in may and lasts until october, olders farmers might silently pray to Tlaloc, the Ancient Aztec God. There are over 500 species of mammals, there are over 1,400 species of birds. There are 680 species of reptile. This impact people to had a better landscape an natural life.


Mexico is a world manufacturing power house. It is an automotive industry and aeronautics leader in the world. Has the important role in IT (information tech). In 2001, exports $4.2 billion dollars. Mexico is the second larger manufacturer of televisions in the world. Many students enrolled in technology courses in university. This impact people to be more experts in technology and the country to grow up.


Mexico's money is made of colored plastic, and the coins are of metal. 1 peso is aproximently 30 u.s cents. The mexican government owns pemex, one of the biggest oil companies. The oil and mining industries bring a lot of jobs. More people work in tourism, companies or farming. Corn. coffee , wheat, fruits and vegetables are just some of much richer than others. People in some areas don't  earn enough money to provide food or good name for their families. This impact people for oil, mining tourism and farming should let everyone have a good life. Tourism from others countries help Mexico's economy.



Mexico's government everyone 18 and older is expected to vote. Every six years, they elect a new president. The citizens of Mexico also elect representative to the Ntional Congress is composed of a 128-seat senate and 500-seat Chamber of Deputies. Mexico is divided into 31 states and 1 Federal District. Today Mexico's government faces a variety of challenges, including poverty, the drug trade, land ownership, violent crime, and government corruption. This effects people because that want a safe place to live with there families.

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