Air duct cleaning Buckhead

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Eko Fresh Cleaning is a residential and commercial air duct cleaning company with services that include chimney sweeps,dryer vent cleaning,water damage and repair, and home cleaning. We are NADCA certified and adhere strictly to their standards of professionalism. We don't use a cheap gimmick vacuum or upsell. Our prices won't change when our technicians come out to your home and we give you a free quote over the phone. We can get electro filters. We do the job right the first time. Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back 100%.                                                        We have an A rating with the BBB.    The first process is we use a truck mount. Our technicians will put a tarp on the floor, so there will be no mess. They will open all vents and clean grill covers. They will scrub inside the vents with a roto brush, and they vacuum everything out. They will disinfect with a green solution to kill mold, dustmites,fungi,and anything hazardous growing in the ventilation system. They will return all grill covers. They clean all supply vents, return registers,plenum,coil,and the furnace. They can replace the furnace filter for you. We explain the whole process to you. We like to have happy customers. Please give us a call today (678) 668-9908.

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