Judge Tim Wright

Judge Tim Wright Charged With Selling Firearms

The Williamson County judge pleaded not guilty to the charges on Tuesday. The prosecutors claim that Wright lied to purchase the seven weapons that were later sold to  a felon. He was striped of his passport, handgun license and all of his personal weapons.

Williamson County Courthouse

Wright has been a part of this court house since 2003.

Cruz Sentenced to Life in Prison

George De La Cruz

Beginning at 10:30 this morning, the Travis County courthouse began to discuss the murder of Julie Ann Gonzalez.

George De La Cruz was her estranges husband who was recently accused of killing her. While his lawyer does not disagree with the courts conviction, he had previously asked for leniency from the court. Instead, he has been sentenced to life.

Julie Ann Gonzales who disappeared in March of 2010

The case aired on Dr. Phil on May 14, 2010. Dr.Phil discussed the results of the polygraph taken by Cruz. Many believed he was lying from the beginning.

High School Student Unwillingly Forced Into Chemotherapy Treatment

Seventeen year old, Cassandra Callender was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in September. The doctors recommended her chemotherapy but Callender refused, saying that she didn't want to "poison" her body. After two treatments in November of 2014, the seventeen year old ran away. Upon her return, she continued to refuse treatment and the Connecticut Department of Children and Families temporarily took custody away from her single mother.

She and her mother took the case to the court.On March 5th, the decision was made. With an 80-85 percent chance of survival, if she received treatment the court finally decided chemotherapy was he best choice. She began receiving treatment and has since been in remission. She is happy that she is healing, but is upset that in a state where minors (under 18) can get an abortion, donate blood and receive contraception without parental consent, she was unable to make such a choice. Her disease is one of the most curable forms of cancer. 

Hodgkin's Lymphoma develops in the lymph system, especially in the white blood cells. It is not the same as typical lymphoma because it has large cancer cells know as Reed Sternberg cells. The disease begins in the lymph nodes but can transport to almost any tissue or organ.

In my personal opinion, I believe that overall, it was the parent's choice. The mother should have been able to make the decision and the doctors should have, no matter what they believe in, acted accordingly. However, the mother in this case was unfit to make such a decision, as she was purely listening to her child. I believe that overall, the right thing was exactly what happened. She is still living and is in decent health and that is what is truly important.

Intended College

The University of California at Los Angeles

UCLA defines cheating as:

"Cheating includes, but is not limited to, the use of unauthorized materials, information, or study aids in any academic exercise; the alteration of any answers on a graded document before submitting it for regrading; or the failure to observe the expressed procedures or instructions of an academic exercise (e.g., examination instructions regarding alternate seating or conversation during an examination)."

UCLA Campus

Their student handbook defines it as follows. "Cheating - the failure to observe the expressed procedures of an academic exercise, including but not limited to:

Unauthorized acquisition of knowledge of an examination or part of an examination

Allowing another person to take a quiz, exam, or similar evaluation for you

Using unauthorized materials, information, or study aids in any academic exercise or examination – textbook, notes, formula list, calculator, etc.

Unauthorized collaboration in providing or requesting assistance, such as sharing information on an academic exercise

Unauthorized use of another person’s data in completing a computer exercise

Altering a graded exam or assignment and requesting that it be re-graded"

The punishment lies in the hand of the professor

"If caught in an act of academic misconduct relating to homework, a quiz, or an exam, you will be awarded a zero, fail the course, or worse. The exact penalties will be determined by the instructor, the nature of the infraction, and the Dean of Students. Medical, professional, graduate, and other post-baccalaureate schools do not look highly upon students who have been denied registration privileges at UCLA due to academic dishonesty." - says the chemistry department

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