Samira Ibrahim

Our hero


  • Samira helped protests and demonstrations spread all over Egypt, to help woman gain the rights they deserve.
  • She spoke out against the government and their unnecessary virginity tests on detained woman.
  • Samira also started to retaliate against the Egyptian government which resulted in her suing them for sexual assault and winning.  
  • Because of her success in the court case she helped end the practice of virginity tests.
  • This virginity testing case paved a new pathway for girls who suffer and have suffered to raise their voice and break tradition.
  • She also started to revolt against the government to make them change their ways about woman's rights.
  • "I revolted against patriarchal society and its customs and traditions in order to free myself of these restrictions."
  • She was victorious against the fundamentalist society, and the deterioration of authority to become centrally represented in the military.


Lanie and I think that Samira Ibrahim is a true hero because she is for woman's rights. Most people think that everyone as equal rights like here in America but, over in Egypt woman don't have nearly as many rights as we do. They actually have very little rights, and unnecessary tests on woman is a very extensive controversy. Most woman are very scared to speak out against the governments choices, yet Samira did. With doing this she faced great conquences   

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