Jacob  Lawrence
by: Casey Dich and Corey Lewis

Jacob Lawrence was an astute observer and storyteller who focused on the struggle for freedom and justice in America from the Civil War period of the 1860s through the civil rights movement of the 1960s to the end of the Twentieth century.

Jacob Lawrence was born on September 7, 1917, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Originally from South Carolina and Virginia, the Lawrence family, like thousands of black  migrants, had hoped to find more promising economic opportunities in the North. By 1919 his family moved to Easton, Pennsylvania. In 1924, after Lawrence’s parents separated, his mother moved the family to Philadelphia, where she left the children in foster care while she worked in  Harlem, New York. At the age of thirteen, Jacob Lawrence arrived in Harlem.

Also in 1936, Lawrence took art classes with Augusta Savage, who had renovated a garage that she called the Uptown Art Laboratory (known as the Harlem Community Art Center today). From 1937 to 1939 Lawrence attended the American Artists School in New York on a scholarship, and in February 1938 he received recognition for his paintings of Harlem with a solo exhibition at the Harlem YMCA at 135th Street. From 1939 to 1940, Lawrence made paintings with the easel section of the  WPA Federal Art Project.

in loving memory of Jacob Lawrence Jacob, born on September 7, 1917, died on June 9 at the age of 82.

He was the Best and bravest man in 1860s - 1960s.

he was known for his great art work and his painting on the Great migration

Lawrence is among the best-known 20th-century African-American painters.Lawrence was honored as an artist, teacher, and humanitarian when the NAACP awarded him the Spingarn Medal in 1970 for his outstanding achievements. In 1974 the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York held a major retrospective of his work, ( retrospective: Looking back on or dealing with past events or situations, showing the development of the work of a particular artist over time.

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