Temperate Grassland

Parker Lee, Anna Kate Tyree, A'justice Washington, Jose Kilgore

Bison grazing


Temperate grasslands have a lot of plants(a few hundred species). They have a lot of plants because the soil is deep and dark, and the rotted roots help hold the plants and the soil to the ground so they can grow and gives the plants a food source. Some of the plants in the grasslands are sunflowers, wild flowers, cotton, oaks, and willow trees. Most of the plants in the grassland is grass! There are many types of grasses like foxtail grass that is a spikelet or spikelet cluster of grass. Wild oats are a type of grass that usually gets chopped down for hay. Trees in the grassland can't really grow because of the lack of moisture, and crops and flowers can't grow because of relatively rapid decamposition but they still some flowers and crops can grow.


The temperate grassland has a lot of animals. Some of the animals that live in the grasslands are elephants, bison, deer, and more. The grasslands herbivores mainly feed on grass, and flowers. The carnivores mainly feed on meat, and other animals. The bison are herbivores. They mainly feed on grass, and plants. They live in the grasslands and mainly live in fear because they are prey to other animals. The elephant is also a herbivore. They also feed on grass and plants like the bison and live in the same habitats but baby elephants are prey to some animals and the adults are not prey. Wolves are carnivores. They feed on animal meat and flesh. Wolves are predators and hunt other animals. Deer are herbivores like the bison and the elephant. Deer are mailed hunted by all carnivores. Deer are prey so they mainly get eaten by the carnivores in the grasslands.


The weather in the grasslands are always sunny and bright! The temps in the summer can be around 38 degrees celcius ( 100 degrees Fahrenheit )! But there are some downfalls in the grasslands. It's very rainy in the late spring and early summer. The average rainfall is 20-35 ins. So the best time to visit our beautiful grasslands is during the mid to late summer. If some people want to make a winter trip here are some thing you should know. The average winter days are as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit,so you want to bring some big jackets, cozy boots,and some warm sweaters to face the ice cold to come!! Well now you know the weather forecast if you want visit the most wonderful , and the most beautiful place on Earth!!


4.Temperate grasslands are located all across the world such as Africa, Australlia, and many parts of Europe! There are some in North America if you want to stay close to home. In these grasslands there are many landmarks. In the Dakota grasslands National Park they have a sculpture to capture the landmark's beauty.

1. Olympic national park

2. Wildlife wnservana of tropical north

3. Wildlife of olstralion out back

5. South Africa national park

6. Thay can take a tour through the grassland to look at the many Types of animals

7. Also, they can hike up the hills to get a good work out.

8. Great camping grounds.

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