May 4,1861 I'm a true American soldier named Billy Joe but I got injured in war so im home now.I'm 25 years old with color blindness and I live Brooklyn. I live with my wife and kids named Jenny and Billy Joe .Jr

Entry One May 5,1861 what we do in the morning for an activity is take a shower,brush our teeth,eat breakfast,and go back to sleep.In the afternoon we played football,baseball,and read a book sometimes and cook dinner with my family.I shared my clothing with the solider and cooked a meal for my wounded friends.

Entry Two Dear May 6,1861 Dad,I hope you are fine during this hard time of war.We are hoping you are ok and I love you and hope you can come back soon and get out of this war.

Entry Three May 7,1861 What the soldiers did in the morning was they shave their beards,cook my food and eat it,put on my clothes,and report for duty if needed.In the afternoon we used to box,broad jump,wrestle,and play chess.I helped my fellow soldiers be stronger,faster,and better at shooting and aiming.

Entry Four May 8,1861 I finally got a letter from my dad it said he was doing fine and food is getting scarce but he said he can get through it and he will come home.

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