Grading and Attendance

in Canvas

Keys to Grading in Canvas

  1. Columns in the grade book are assignments. When you create an assignment, you create a column in the grade book. The assignment can be no submission, meaning something that is graded offline or if you just want to create a column.
  2. All assignments must eventually have a grade. If a student misses an assignment, the grade should be "0".  Using the Set Default Grade option allows you to automatically set any missed assignments to a "0".
  3. All assignments must have a total points possible. This is done in the assignment settings and is needed for Canvas to accurately determine the total points possible for the course and to calculate a percentage.
  4. You can manage unique calculations in Assignments. Create assignment groups with grading rules to drop lowest or highest scores. Check the“Weight the final score” box to
    set up weighting by assignment group
  5. Letter grades can be set up using Grading Scheme. Go to Settings>Course Details Tab. Click Edit Course Details and check “Enable Course Grading Scheme” followed by “Set Course Grading Scheme."

How Canvas Calculates Grades

Typical grading approach - Total points earned/Total Points possible = Total score as a percentage %; Example 850/1000 = 86%

Weighted Grades

Current Score vs. Final Score
Current score omits all empty cells from the calculation.
Points Earned/Points Possible of Assignments Graded Current Score (as Percentage)
Final score includes empty cells in calculation
Points Earned/Total Points Possible for All Assignments Final Score (as Percentage)

Setting Letter Grades

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click the Course Details tab
  3. Click the Edit Course Details button
  4. Check “Enable Grading Scheme”
  5. Select “Set Grading Scheme”
  6. Click the pencil to edit the grading scheme
  7. Edit and save
  8. Close the grading scheme box. Save your course details.
  9. Check the results in the gradebook for accuracy.

Things you may not have noticed about the gradebook

  • You can key board navigate (tab,enter,and arrow keys to change cells).
  • You can click on the Student column header to sort by Last Name.
  • You  can click on another column header to sort by that column’s values, either in ascending or descending order.
  • Message Students Who option lets you send messages to students who haven’t submitted assignments or have scored more or less than a given number of points.
  • You can mute assignments to prevent students from seeing their scores.
  • You can go directly to the speed grader or download all assignments. Use tabs for less clicking and waiting.
  • You can view statistics and curve grades.

Common Mistakes when Setting Up Assignments and Grading

1. Failing to change an assignment type from it’s default “No Submission” format. Results in students not being able to submit their assignments online.

2. Failing to specify a total points possible when setting up a required assignment. Results in assignment functioning as extra credit.

3. Failing to assign students who have not turned in an assignment a zero once the assignment due date has passed. Results in students seeing a better grade than they are actually receiving.

4. Failing to set and/or edit a custom grading scheme. Results in no letter-­‐grade calculation or an inaccurate letter-­‐grade calculation.

5. Putting assignments that don’t belong into an assignment group with a grading rule. Results in the grading rule dropping assignments that should not be dropped.

6. Putting an assignment rule on an assignment group containing assignments having different numbers of points possible. Results in assignments already worth less than the others being dropped.

7. When using weighting for extra credit, putting more than one extra credit assignment in an extra credit assignment group. Results in students receiving more extra credit than they deserve or believing they are receiving a worse grade for turning in extra credit before grades are finalized.

8. If publishing grades to a student information system, failing to download gradebook as CSV file and compare final scores with those shown to student in the gradebook.