Q: How are infographics useful? What advantages do they have over having to read an article?

     Articles can be very long and boring that could be simplified into one page if they really wanted to. Why not have that instead? Well infographics are that exactly! Infographics are known to be the quick and sufficient way to obtain the same information you would have found in a article, instead it is simple and straight-forward to the point with a attractive, and professional style as a extra bonus! Infographics can be compared to being cliff notes!

    What are the advantages to infographics? Well to catch someone's attention to your product you need something eye-popping, attention-grabbing, simple, and easy to understand! Would you look at a white paper saying about an event with basic information OR would you be interested in a colorful, bold, and fun poster about the new baseball stadium?  We all know we would pick the second one! Infographics give more of a appeal to the audience while still giving the same message across to them.  

To prove my point more, here's a infographic just telling you more reasons why infographics are good tools for marketing!


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