Part of Speech : Noun or Adj

A person, usually elder, who is honored for wisdom and experience

Wise; judicious

Sapere (Latin) "to taste" "to perceive" "to be sensible or wise"

Frodo Baggins was given advice from the sage Gandalf about over coming the power of the ring.


Part of Speech: adjective

Widely and unfavorably known; infamous

Nosco, Noscere, Novi, Notum (Latin) "to get to know" "to get acquainted with"

Sherlock Holmes is notorious for being a world class detective who is able to solve any case.


Part of Speech: verb

To assign a reputation to (usually used with to be)

Puto, Putare, Putavi, Putatum (Latin) "to settle" "to consider" "to reckon"

Steven Spielberg is reputed to be one of the greatest directors of all time.


Part of Speech: Noun, Verb

A sign or feeling concerning some future event; omen; forboding

To give a sign or warning about the future

Sagio, Sagire (Latin) "to perceive acutely or keenly with the senses or mind"

Thomas gave a presage to his girlfriend that he planned on proposing soon.


Part of Speech: adjective

Guided by one's sense of right and wrong; thorough; with careful attention

Scio, Scire, Scivi, Scitum (Latin) "to know" "to understand"

The thief was not conscientious with his steps because the detective was able to follow the footsteps to find him.