Animism is practiced by in Africa, they worship the spirits of nature and there ancestors, they have a great respect for nature and worship it daily. Animism is the Traditional belief system.

Shintoism is practiced in Japan, they believe in polytheism and the ways of Kami. In the belief of kami they keep things sacred and well being

Hinduism is the most dominate religion in India. It's often known as the oldest religion in history. Hinduism is the religion the believes in karma and reincarnation which means your soul is reborn in the after life, and karma is suppose to happen when you do good deeds good things happen

Buddhism is another strong growing religion in India. Buddhists believe that you should give up your possessions, understanding nature is a big aspect of there beliefs. They try to live a natural lifestyle.

Is a religion mainly focused on by the Chinese and Japanese people. they were a religion based and branched off of other religions before there time. They focused individually on spiritual faith. There symbol is the yin yang which symbolizes peace.

Confucianism's orgin is formed in china. They believe that people should accept life the way it is, and that everyone has there own role in society. Everyone has responsibilities they have to live up to.

Christianity originates in the middle east, the believe in monotheism which is the belief in one god. Christians believe in the 10 commandments which they have to follow in there own life in order to be accepted by the messiah who they think is jesus, and he will come back to bring everyone out of the earth.

Jews began in the middle east just like Christians, both the religions are some what similar to each other, they both believe in the messiah but Jews don't think Jesus is the messiah all though they think he's important. jews also believe in monotheism which is the belief in one god.

Islam is also known as the Muslim religion which is located and originated in the middle east. They have a sacred book called the qua'ren which is followed. they considered themselves as the last prophet of god. They also have a monotheistic look on religion.

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