Frederick Douglass writing prompt

The time when I Worked really hard on something was when I had to help my mom sell her clothes at the Hmong market.what it felt was pretty ok but it was also really hard because there were some people who knew more Hmong than me and I couldn't understand them well.the only thing I felt was just the feeling of mistaking something I did wrong like didn't check the persons size or the amount it cost.but what I accomplished from that was how to sell things to others and how to have fun and probably just trying hard to get money from my mom.

One time when I was selling some clothes and there was this old lady who just wanted to look at it but then she ask me if she can get this one dress and I couldn't understand her because she was talking so fast and her Hmong was so good that I didn't understand her and I couldn't hear u as I just pointed at the clothes that she was asking for and she was saying no because turns out I was pointing at the wrong one whet she want was a little girl dress for her niece.