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STAAR Rallies

Mrs. Strey and Mrs. Lansford with the help of West science teachers designed STAAR Rallies for our learners so they could review concepts just before the STAAR testing. These were amazing sessions lead by STAAR Coaches who are students! What a great focus for our learners! Great Job, Mrs. Strey & Mrs. Lansford!!


Mrs. Sanguras, Mrs. Strey and Mrs. Marlow all received a Great Educators Matter (GEM) award! Mrs. Strey went above and beyond on the STARR Rallies. Mrs. Sanguras went above and beyond on the Talent Showcase and Battle for Bear Fundraiser. Mrs. Marlow is going above and beyond with Science Olympiad. The Science Olympiad team will be competing at state this weekend! Congratulations to all! We have the best educators at CMS West!! You can support our iWest teachers by attending the CISD Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, April 27th at 6 PM in the Board Room of the Vonita White Administration Building. Friends and family are invited to attend.

Algebra EOC Testing May 5th/6th

Macbook Air Pick Up May 11th

On May 11th, all Macbook Airs will be returned by learners. The Macs will be checked to see if they are working properly with sound, USB drive, etc. and for damage. The full charger will be returned as well. The charger (missing any part) is $80 if not returned. Damage will be assessed on and individual basis and will be communicated with parents/guardians in the event that replacement or repair is needed. Fifteen Macbook Airs will be housed as sets in each classroom and the HUB for continued use. The iPads will be the iWest 1:1 device. Please leave all school supplied covers (black Mac covers) on the Macs, but remove all tape/labels with names from the Macs and chargers before 1st period on May 11th.

Thank you for all you do for us!