Ray Rice was accused of punching her fiancé, now wife, and knocking her out. This event was taken place back in March. He has just been suspended and let go by the Ravens because of his actions.  His actions are unnecessary and will go into further investigation by the NFL. He has been a role model for the Ravens and the Community for a couple of years now. M&T Bank has cut their deal with Ray Rice. Now Ray Rice is a disgrace to the community to Baltimore and the NFL.


Lack of Rights

There is a lack of Rights in this story because Ray Rice decided to brutally punch his fiancé, now wife, for no reason. He was knocked out cold when he punched her. The video does not show if Ray Rice was intoxicated or not. that might have been a key role as to why he punched his fiancé. Even if he was intoxicated, he would have been smart enough not to punch his fiancé. This has gotten Ray Rice a lot of trouble for one silly mistake.


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