The Beginning

     Once upon a time it was just a stock of wheat, oat and corn. The wheat from the the US in places like North Dakota the highest wheat production for states in the Us. The oat from places in the US like Michigan and the corn from Iowa the state with highest corn production as of 2006. All of the plants that it was made from were sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers by farmers/factory workers.  

         Then it was combined

     It was processed in Toronto by Loblaws inc (president's choice). Then they begin to combined ingredients such as whole grain rolled oats, whole grain whole wheat flour, sugar/glucose-fructose, whole grain oat flour and etc for the crust. Inside the crust they added ingredients such as fructose, apples, glucose, sugar/glucose-fructose, water and etc to make the filling taste tasty. After when they finished making it they pack it off to Canada.

                It gets delivered

          When they finish with the product it was transported from the President Choice factory in Toronto to the supermarket in Mississauga to upper Canada. It was transported by trucks drivers or truck company by President Choice.    

             After the delivery

           After the delivery to the supermarket, the product now be on the supermarket shelves. When it is on the shelves people will see it and take it. After they take it they buy it, they (people) will buy it and starts to eating it.   

  What happens to the wrapper

           After  the people finish eating it, they will throw out the wrapper.The wrapper will then go to the garbage can, when it's in the garbage can the trash workers will take the trash out. The truck will take all the trash with the wrapper to the dump. When the truck dumps the garbage including the wrapper, it will get compacted by heavy machines to let out as much air as possible.Then it will be covered in dirt.    

                                                                                                     By: Azraa and Ivy 8A

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