Blue Death (cholera)

How did people know when they got the disease?

They had diarrhea, frequent vomiting, lips turned blue, dehydrated, muscle cramps, death occurs in just a few hours or days.

Who cured the disease?

John Snow, London 1854. He drew out a map of the city then he closed down the broad street pump because he thought that there was something in the water that was causing people to get sick. It turned out that there was something in the pump that was causing this and when he closed down this prevented people from getting sick.

How did people get this disease?

By drinking the water that had the disease in it (mostly wells). And by using the water to cook their food. Mostly were poor people live. in raw or uncooked seafood.

How does this historical event continue to impact our lives today? What lessons did we learn from this event?

This historical event continues to impact our lives today because now we have found a cure for the blue death (cholera) and it is not as common so now we have medicines to take if we get these diseases. The lessons that we learned is that we need to be aware and get help right away if we get this disease because they didn't have a cure for it so they would just stay home and suffer and they would die in a few hours or days.

London is were the blue death started.


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I really agree with all your facts from me reading the book too.

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I loved how you stated how they knew when they had the blue death but I wish that you would have put more examples in the section.