Learning Management Online – Types Of HR Webinars And Tips To Get The Most From Them

The world of education and learning is changing every day, especially since the advent of the internet. This technology has brought every ounce of information available on this planet within easy reach. No matter where you are no matter what you do, if you need to learn something, the internet will make it happen for you. And it is not just the self research that I am talking about here. If you want to learn from experts and work with professional trainers for your continuing career development, that will be very much possible online through webinars.

If you are aspiring a professional life in the field of management, especially when it comes to organisational staffing requirements, you can easily enrol for a HR webinar online. In fact, in the current times, there are various internet resources available to help you everything you need to know about HR concepts, employee motivation and recruitment procedures. The problem is that there are too many different types of webinars. We tend to use the word in a helter-skelter catch-all way. Unfortunately, to get the most out of each we need to know what each is and when to use it.

In case you are planning on taking an HR webinar, here is a simple break down of all the types you can find online. It will help you understand which one will be the best for your training needs and how to get the most from a session you attend.

Single Direction Training

These webinars are structured to be more like lectures. That is the host is providing the information and the audience is receiving it. Frankly getting the most out of these is a matter of recording them and using the material shared to clear your doubts about a concept. You, as a trainee, do not get much of a say during the session and two way interactions is mostly not possible.

Two Direction Training

They are characterized by questions, answers and discussions. If you are planning on attending one of these, be sure to have a backup plan ready when people on the other side do not answer. Plus these webinars follow a pre-set structure and chain of events that you must be aware of and need to adhere to.

Interactive Tutorials

These will be the most interesting and informative training sessions of all. They take the interactivity of seminars to the furthest extent and focus on discussions. Unfortunately, they don't work well for most situations. Leave them for departmental meetings. However, technology has created many ways now for lecturers to engage their trainees and interact with them freely while they conduct their webinars online.


These webinars are designed to be more of demonstrations of a particular tool or product. Typically they are a variation of the lecture although they can be effective as a mix of lecture and seminar.

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