U.S rise to world power



The Spanish-American war was conflict between Spain and the United States when Cuba struggled for their independence from Spain which led to America gaining territories in the western pacific and latin america.


Planters wanted to overthrow the Queen and depended on american soldiers for protection. Marines went to the islands and forced the queen to abdicate. At first many people didnt want Hawaii to be annexed but the government thought of it as a good place to place troops.


A corollary to the monroe doctrine in the state of union address. It said the United States will help conflict between European countries and Latin American countries. His policy was to "speak softly and carry a big stick."


A foreign policy followed by president Taft to create diplomacy and order to the benefits of American interest. The goal was to improve financial opportunities and to further U.S interest overseas.

PANAMA CANAL(1913-1914)

Roosevelt thought that a canal would be beneficial to the United States (as long as they controlled it) and took over the French Panama Canal project. The American government bought the Canal and immediately set a large amount of worked to start building. This canal made it easier for shipments across the world without having to travel all around South America.\


Archdukes assassination was the immediate trigger for war. Astro-HUngarians declared war on Serbia and invaded. Germany invaded territories with a path to France and Britain immediately declared war on Germany.

German Proclamation (Feb 1915)

The waters around british isles were unrestricted submarine warfare. This forbidded all merchant shipping in British waters.

German Submarines

Germany uses the submarines to sink British ships. They blockade British isles and Germany declared unrestricted warfare against all ships that entered the British war zone no matter what their position in the war was.

U boats (April 1916)

sussex pledge. Germany promises the United States not to sink any more merchant ships because they dont want the United States to enter the war, but they continue to sink ships including one that belongs to the United States.

Failure of Diplomacy (Feb 1917)

Unrestricted Warfare continues with Germany continuing to sink merchant ships, including those of the United States.


Great Britain translates a telegraph from Germany asking Mexico to attack the United States in exchange for Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.  The Unites States decide to take action after this.


Many Americans didnt want to join the war and wanted to be neutral but in 1917 the United States decided to take action. The United States joins Allies (Britain, France, and Russia) and fought on France battlefields.


The government set this act to have power to draft soldiers between the ages of 21 and 30. In just a few months, over 10 million men registered from all around the country.

WILSON'S 14 POINTS (Jan 1918)

First brought up in a speech to the American Congress. These 14 points were the basis for a peace programme and it was also in the Treaty of Versailles. Wilson thought these point would bring peace to the world or at least start a foundation in order for the countries to be able to work together.

BATTLE OF ARGONNE ( sept. 1918)

The final (and biggest) fought by the AE in WW1. The American soldiers broke German defense and opened a hole in the German lines.


The peace treaty at the end of World War 1 that ended war between the Allied Powers and Germany. Germany had to give back all the land it took back and had to pay for all the damages, including its own.

US trade ties with Great Britain

Throughout the war the United States had lots of trade with Great Britain. If Germany won the war this trade would be affected, which is one of the reasons why the Unites States decided to join the war.

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