My Legacy

I chose this picture because it is me walking away as I am leaving behind my legacy.                                                                       Creative

I asked my brother " Hey Nick which one of these character traits describes me best?" As I started reading the list out. As I kept on reading list of character traits I don't think much stood out to him until I came across the trait CREATIVE. He immediately pointed it out and said that's the one to which I thought was actually really accurate. One reason I think I am creative in this school and some people may agree is my hydraulic science project. I made a plan unlike anyone else and then constructed it creatively. Another reason I think I am creative is whenever we are assigned a project I try to spice it up and make it different and go above and beyond. Finally I think I am creative outside the classroom because I am always putting a twist on tasks given to me. For example when my dad asked me to take the trash to the road I tried think of a way to take it there. So I attached a wagon to the back of my atv then took multiple cans at one time. That's how I think im creative.

I chose this picture because it shoes intelligence. It is a picture of Albert Einstein who was a genius.


Je suis intelligent parce que j'ai trés bien résultats en toute sujets. Aussi Je suis intelligent parce que j'ai toujour trouver un Moyer à resoudre un problème grande où petite. Un autre raison Je suis intelligent est parce que Je traville dur. Aussie Je suis intelligent parce que Je habituellement obtenir quaters.

I chose this picture because it shows hard work and dedication which is talked about in the next paragraph.                                                                 


Je suis travaille dur parce que Je ne rononce jamais eat continuer à essayer. Aussi Je suis travaille dur parce que Je fais les choses correctement et mettre fierté en tous ce que Je fais. Un autre raison Je suis travaille dur qui est Je me précipite pas sur mon travail et Je prendre mon temps.

I chose this photo because because it shows a helping hand and it portrays helpful.                                                                              


Je suis utile parce que Je suis toujours essayer de trouver quelqu'un pour l'aider quand ils ne comprennent pas comme Jordan en le classe de mathématiques. Un autre raison Je suis utile qui est si entends un personne dire quelque chose être suis l'affectation est different Luis Je parlé à le personne et aide que personne à comprendre.

The reason I chose to show you this video is because it represents what I want to be remembered for at Allan Drive. In my life so for I have believe it or not been through some extremely tough times. This video sums up that whatever situation you are in to NEVER give up and there is always hope. As I know now that I live in a wonderful house with a caring family that I couldn't even imagine could have happened a couple years back.

I chose this quote because it is a meaningful message in just a short sentence. It explains that it's not bad to fail, you just learn from your mistakes and next time do it differently using what you learned and know what not to do. It may almost give you an advantage over someone else because they have always been perfect but they haven't learned not what to do. That's why I chose this quote.

The reason I chose this quote is that hard work pays off and it's better to get the credit that you did the work by yourself rather than lying to someone and taking somebody's credit. It makes you feel better inside because you know your not lying.

Finally, this is probably my favourite quote because its like my video NEVER give up. But then it goes beyond that to say that you shouldn't pray to god when times get rough if you don't pray to him when life is good. It's a bit like asking someone for money but the day before you punched them in the face, it doesn't work that way.

Le raison Je chosi ce poème parce que il sa rapporteur à moi. Je veux gens se souvenir de moi aussi heureux.  Aussi il etait le suel poème qui se demarquent à moi. C'est pourquoi j'ai choisi ce.


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