The Moment I Won't Forget

By: Joyce Lin- Student at Crossroads at Meade

The most exciting things I did for the year 2013 was spending time with my mom. She worked hard trying to get us to get good grades and always be there for us when we are feeling down. So when report card came out for the first making period, she was proud because my sister both have straight A's. My mom want to reward us by planing a vacation to Ohio to visit my cousins. I haven't see them for a long time so it is something to look forward to.

So on Thanksgiving, I went to Ohio to visit my grandma, uncle, aunts and cousins. Even though the car ride was long (about 6 hours) I am still excited to go. I enjoy going on the highway, but this time it's different. We have been on the highway for a LONG time. And my butt for sitting that long hurts. At that moment, I really want to get off. Of course we had something to eat. We bring our own bread and a drink. But we had stopped at like two service station to rest and a walk.

The sights to the left and right of me are very and fascinating and enjoyable to look at. There are many farms we pasted by with animals like horse and cows. Also, we pasted by a lots of tree, which has already been covered by icicles. From far away it looks like you have just sprinkle a buckle of gray color glitter on the trees! In the car we sang song and telling jokes in case anyone falls asleep. Everyone were filled with enthusiasm.

When we got there it was like 2:00pm due to the fact that we started out at 8:00am. My cousins and my sisters play games and we talked about school. There are so many questions to be asked and many experiences to be shared. Even though we were only there for one day, I still longed to go back. It's the best trip ever! That day of visit is the visit that I won't forget.