Assia Levinski

TyQuasha Dai'Allure Gilbert

All About Assia

My child is Ms.Assia Levinski. Assia lived in Kazlu-Ruda Lithuania in a small village with both of her parents name Leon and Chaja Levinski also her younger brother Monia. Assia was born in 1928 and died at the age of thirteen with many other Jewish children that were murdered by the Germans. Assia was forced to stand in front of a grave already dug and was shoot. Assia was a member of a large, loving, close-knit extended family. Her father worked as a lumber dealer while her mom stayed at home to take care of the household and property duties as to caring for Assia’s younger brother, Monia. Her grandparents lived on a farm just outside of Marijampole. In September of 1941 Assia and her family along with other Jews were shoved into to dug up enormous ditches. There, Assia and her family were murdered and thrown into the recently dug graves. People have learned not to judge people. Everyone has a different way of thinking. No one is perfect.

The Jewish Star

Assia Levinski