Welcome to Constantinople

We have a wall!


Here in Constantinople we care very much about our religion. The main Religion that we have here,that our government was formed on,is Christianity.Up above you will see an image of the Hagia Sophia,this is here to be a church and show just how devoted we are to our religion.Also,living in Constantinople means you'll probably go to church daily.

Daily Life in Constantinople:

Living in Constantinople means lots of trading. This is mostly because we're in the middle of many trade routes.Also,if you don't have a lot of money you don't have to worry because you can sweep and pick weeds to get money and food.Living here also means you'll probably be going to church a lot so it definitely helps to be a Christian in Constantinople.


Our government is pretty great,because of Justinian's code everything is in order. Also,our government crosses over with religion. Another good thing is that we have up to date items like Hospitals,Retirement homes,and ect. Our government is also very caring about the Christian religion.


As you can see on the map above we are protected by water. Another feature that helps us is that we have a wall keeping enemies out just in case that water doesn't work.There is also a chain under the water so if they try to get in with a boat it will tear the bottom off!

We hope to see you soon!

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