"Don’t let yesterday change who you are today."

by Anonymous

I believe

I believe in the theory of evolution,
the Belief of God,
the power of friendship,
the will to stand out from everyone,
the Sun, Rain , Wind , Appleseed ,
But not hate .
I believe in pursuit of happiness ,
I believe in the power of friendship ,
I believe in sports,
Family , Friends , Music,

And I believe in the way that life will continue even with your ups and downs

The words I live by

My credo is “Don’t let yesterday change who you are today.” I can not remember who this was by. To me it means don’t let one thing in the past get to you.

“Don’t let yesterday change who you are today.” adopted to me because a lot of people change who they are because of what happened in the past. I didn’t make this credo but i would have liked to. My family has said stuff close to this but never actually quoted this.

This credo is important to me because sometimes I make mistakes and I need to leave it behind. What is happened in the past is done. You can’t change the past what is done is done.

I believe my credo will not change as I get older because it doesn't have to do with your age it just has to do with your past. Its about leaving it in the pass.

My credo is significant t0 me because I try to do it everyday. I would challenge others to follow it because it would get rid of drama. It would benefit everyone if everyone would follow it because it would most likely get rid of the drama that happened in the past.

By Mark Demas

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