Salvation through Knowledge

Manichaeism is a form of religious "Dualism." This religious practice is a blend of multiple religions and their values. Elements of Babylonian folklore, Buddhist ethics, and small elements of Christianity are found within Manichaeism.

It was founded in the later half of the third century and spread rapidly both East and West and maintained existence in areas like Africa, Spain, France, North Italy, and the Balkans for 1,000 years. Manichaeism died out at an uncertain date but was still present at 1,000 AD.

The core doctrine of Manicaeism is his cosmogony, which is a belief that "Christian Faith accounts for the origin of the Universe." Manichaeism was based completely on finding salvation through knowledge and believed that complete knowledge could be attained about the the universe. Manichaeism strongly opposed Christianity because it was full of mysteries. It attracted followers due to its completeness and consistency of its assertions.

The Catholic Church considers Manichaeism a heresy due to its dualism and belief in two oppositional, equal, and eternal powers of good and evil. It is also a heresy because of its disregard for the Old Testament and Gnostic belief in salvation by knowledge. The Church opposes this belief in the existence of forces God did not create and also opposes Mani's, the Manichaeism leader, teaching that he is the Paracelete or one filled with the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised.

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