the earth's atmosphere

by : jaquan dominque battle

the exosphere

the exosphere is 640 to  64,000 km and there are no moleculse  because the drift into space .

the thermosphere is the outer layer of the earth is 1,800 degrees at the thermosphere at the top the air is really thin extends 80km fro


The thermosphere is the outer layer of the earth it is 1,800 degrees and at the top there is a thin layer it also extends 80 km from earth surface


the meosphere is 55 km from earth it is it called middle sphere the tempeture is -90 degrees which is cold.


the stratophere is where the protective ozone layer floats it is from 16 to 50km did you know that it holds 20% of molecules and as it goes away it gets warmer.

the trosophere is the closest to earth it stretches from 10km to earths surface and it is --75 degrees now that is cold.

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