The Gilded Times

March 5, 1881           New York, New York                                         Price: 4 cents

Republican James A. Garfield tops Democratic Representative Winfield S. Hancock

New York Votes For Garfield

None of the Southern states have shown support for our newly elected Republican leader James A. Garfield as we can see in the map below. We can see the Horrible South has still continued to vote democratic as they have in the past. The North knows what's best for the country as James A. Garfield had a way better policy for everything and voted him to be the leader. Our New York had the most population  and we voted for Garfield. The people know what's right.

Chinese Immigration Not For US

Lot's of westerners and northerners were against immigration especially of Chinese.  I mean who wouldn't be? Them yellow, small eyed people aren't Americans.The Unions didn't like them because they take peoples jobs. They will work for nothing. How can we have these non-Americans take our peoples jobs. James A. Garfield was given additional support by groups to put larger restrictions on immigration. That was the right decision. Get them dirty yellow skinned people out!


Reconstruction is over! The south doesn't want tariffs. . Tariffs are whats better for the nation. But we should leave the south alone as we are trying to bring the nation back together. That's all nonsense. We need to find out how to make our nation better and not let are choices be affected by those pathetic, dimwitted southerners! With addition of tariffs are economy could rise and people won't worry about not having money. We could make our streets and new technology better. New jobs and hopefully new way's of getting to be a stronger nation. We have to reconstruct our nation and implement these tariff to bring out nation back together even it is with the south


Lets talk about how Garfield got to the presidency, all the way from the nomination to today. We know that the Republicans had many who wanted to run as president like Ulysses S Grant. Yet When Garfield was giving a speech in favor of  John Sherman he found himself receiving delegate votes. There were many personal attacks in the campaign, more than just political party attacks. There was the major issue of the Democrats trying to blame Garfield from writing the money letter which just said to be written by Garfield in favor of Chinese immigration, which we found to be a forgery. Yet the effects of the panic of 1873 with a well funded and well ran campaign Garfield won the election.

Original drawing by Felipe Lopez. Political Cartoon

Editorial, Was Garfield The Right Choice?

Garfield was chosen as a compromise between the stalwarts and the half-breeds in the republican party. Ulysses S. Grant was the main choice from the stalwarts, while Garfield was part of the half-breed side of the party which wanted to change the spoils system. They came into a compromise between both the Stalwarts and Half-Breeds. Though it wouldn't have mattered because Garfield as well as Grant was in corruption. Ulysses while his presidency had lots of money stolen while Garfield was part of the Credit de Mobilier scandal. The half-breeds got the better part because they payed for him not to change the spoils system but he was assassinated and Chester A . Arthur planned the reform. They also got the money. If Garfield was kept as president than maybe some other scandals could have happened like in Ulysses term. So in a way it was a good thing that Garfield was assassinated four months later.  But at least he created a new way of campaigning in the front porch idea. It brought a plain folks idea to the people. It was a new way of campaigning never seen before. But Garfield was not a very good pick at president because of the amount of behind the doors things that went on that may hae not been trustworthy.

Articles written by Diego Morgado, Felipe Lopez, and Thomas Rushing

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