Nyrashia, Gabby, Braelyn

TUSCARORA: Tuscarora  did not like the Catawba tribe or the white settlers  because they were stealing and selling them as slaves. the Tuscarora tribe were part of  the Iroquois Nation. Tuscarora migrated north and became the sixth nation of the Iroquois league of nations. Iroquois men sometimes built wigwams for themselves when they were going on hunting trips , but women might have to  live in the same longhouse their whole life. In south America , llamas and guinea pigs were also raised by some tribes for their meat.

CATAWBA: There name means separated and divided.Women were experts at material's ,pottery .They  originally came from the West where the buffalo roam.They were very friendly because other tribes took things  and they returned them  back to the people . There were four basic way for people in ancient societies to find  food like :hunting,fishing ,gathering,farming and raising domesticated  animals. Every   American  Indian tribe that we know of  took part  hunting and fishing  to get fresh meat to eat.

CHOWANOC: The chowanoc tribe was strong and well known. They had their ups and downs, they signed a treaty. They had to  surrander their ground. Grass houses are good homes for people in a warm climate. In the northern plains winters are too cold to make homes out of prairie grass. But in the southern plains of Texas , houses like these were comfortable for the people who used them.

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