By: Aidan

Fishing is my favorite thing to do during the summer because my Dad and I catch different kinds of fish. I chose this subject because it's lots of fun in my opinion. You need to have lots of patients to fish. The fish will not bite the hook all the time. Sometimes the fish will nibble the bait and then swim away. You will need a fishing rod, worms, a bobber, and a hook. Be careful while you are putting the hook on the string of the fishing rod. You may stab yourself with the hook and get it stuck in your finger. The bobber should already be on the line of the rod. Bobbers indicate when a fish is stuck on the hook. The bobber will sink down into the water when the fish is hooked. Afterwards, put the worm on the hook carefully. You need bait so you can lure the fish to your hook. Before you cast the line, there is a button on the bottom of the part of the rod that keeps the line together. While you cast the rod, hold down the button. Right before casting, let go of the button. That is how you get started. Always watch the bobber because it can sink at any second. Don't reel in the line every time you see the bobber sink, it may just be a nibble. Don't get discouraged if you don't catch a fish because you're not a professional and not the best. If you manage to get a fish on your hook, reel and pull back the rod so the hook gets stuck in its mouth. Keep reeling the rod in until your rod is completely reeled in. This is what I know about fishing. Hopefully, you have found this to be informational.

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