Tools of the trade
Alexis Stennett


Edmodo provides a safe and easy way for a class to collaborate, communicate with teachers, and access homework or any class work.

You can use Edmodo for: Communicating with teachers and students, checking for homework that needs to be turned in or to check for homework/classwork that needs to be completed then turned in.

Edmodo is great because you can easily check your homework that you need to turn in. You can also chat with your classmates or communicate with your teacher if you have any questions or comments to share.


Remind is a broadcast system to send out info about upcoming dates, you could use email & text messages to receive the information. One of the benefits are that students and parents get notifications for dates of assignments. was launched in 2012 and has quickly became the go-site for users to create amazing, informative, and great graphics. Best thing about it is that its free!

You can use the tool to make lesson plans, do projects & classwork.

A benefit of is that you can put in pictures that the site gives you & add pictures that you have downloaded onto the work that you're doing.


Tackk allows everybody to quickly publish anything they worked on a simple page.

A benefit is that in order to use tackk, you don't have to download the software, or any skills, but yet simply sign up and start writing.

The IB design cycle

A. Inquiring and analyzing - Explain & Justify a solution to problems for client's/target audience.

B. Developing ideas - Create a plot description that legibly describes the completion of a standard design of the solution.

C. Creating the solution - Create a intelligent plot, that outlines the important time consuming & resources, adequate for people to be able to copy to construct the solution.

D. Evaluating - Create explained and applicable testing procedure, which starts up info, to measure the completion of the solution.

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