End of Year College Project

The college that I picked is Stanford University

College/Career Presentation

College Name and Mascot

Stanford University it has no official mascot but people believe the tree, which is actually just a member of the band, is the mascot.

College History and Origin

In 1876, former California Governor Leland Stanford purchased 650 acres of Rancho San Francisquito. He made a fortune during the gold rush in California. But one day the Stanford family was going to Italy when their son, Leland Jr. died. The lost of their son made the family think about what they could do to help other children since they couldn't help their son. So they decided that the to help the children in California they were going to start a University. On October 1, 1891, Stanford University opened its doors after six years of planning and building.

College Fight Song

Admission Requirements (SAT / ACT Scores)


1 Element of Student Life

  • Assassins:Assassins is a tradition at many college campuses, including Stanford. Each dorm sets different rules but generally each participant gets a different target from their room and must assassinate their target with a water pistol without any of their dorm mates witnessing the kill.

Costs and Tuition

Tuition Category




Graduate 11-18 units


Graduate 8,9,10-unit rate


Each graduate unit above 18


Graduate Engineering


Graduate Engineering 8,9,10-unit rate


Each graduate Engineering unit above 18


Graduate School of Business (M.B.A. program—first year)*


Graduate School of Business (M.B.A. program—second year)*


School of Medicine (M.D. Program—FY 2011 and beyond)*


School of Medicine (M.D. Program—FY 2010 and earlier)*


Law School


GSB & Law Joint Program**


Permit for Services Only (PSO)


Permit to Attend (PTA)***


TGR (Terminal Graduate Registration)


TMR (Terminal Medical Registration—FY 2010 and earlier)


Medical School Research Rate (FY 2011 and beyond)


Degree Plan

Audio Engineering Degree Plan

First Term Class Title Cr Prerequisite ENG100 English Composition 3 ENG050 or Placement Test MATH143 Calculus I 4 MATH116 or placement exam SWE110 C Programming 4 High School Algebra DAT110 Desktop Production Fundamentals 3 None

Second Term Class Title Cr Prerequisite HUM122 or HUM125 World Music or Western Music 3 None HUM120 or HUM130 History of Western Art or Modern Art History 3 None MATH144 Calculus II 3 MATH143 SCI145 College Physics I 4 MATH143 DAT115 Desktop Audio Production 3 DAT100

Third Term Class Title Cr Prerequisite ENG228 or ENG227 Creative Writing Scriptwriting 3 ENG100, HUM120 or 130, HUM122 or 125 HUM200 History of the Modern World 3 ENG100 SCI245 College Physics II 4 SCI145 DAT220 Studio Recording I 3 DAT115 DAT210 Sound Synthesis and Orchestration 3 DAT115

Fourth Term Class Title Cr Prerequisite HUM227 or HUM230 Film History or History of Animation 3 ENG100 ELE270 Introduction to Circuit Analysis 4 MATH144, SCI245 SCI999 Physics Elective 3 SCI145 MATH240 Applied Probability and Random Processes 3 MATH144 DAT280 Portfolio Preparation 3 DAA109, DAT210

Fifth Term Class Title Cr Prerequisite ELE350 Digital Circuits I: Design 4 SCI245 DAT310 Digital Orchestration 3 DAT280, Upper Division DAT320 Studio Recording II 3 DAT 220, Upper Division SWE310 Data Structures 4 SWE110 ELE312 Signals and Systems 3 ELE270

Sixth Term Class Title Cr Prerequisite HUM361 Contemporary Ethical Issues 3 HUM200, SSC200, ENG227 or ENG228 DAT330 Principles of Digital Audio 3 MATH120 (MATH143 for Audio Eng track) SWE315 Object-Oriented Programming 4 SWE310 ENG310 or ENG320 Western Drama or World Drama 3 ENG227 or ENG228, HUM127 or HUM230 DAT360 Digital Signal Processing 3 ELE312

Seventh Term Class Title Cr Prerequisite HUM400 GE Capstone Research Project 3 ENG310 or ENG320, SSC332, HUM361, senior status SSC200 U.S. Government 3 ENG100 DAT365 Digital Filter Design 4 DAT360 DAT450 or 460 Audio Software Development or Digital Audio Electronics 3 DAT450: SWE310 DAT460: DAT210, ELE350 DAT480 Portfolio I 3 DAT314 or DAT316, DAT324 or DAT326

Eighth Term Class Title Cr Prerequisite SSC332 Global Political Economics 3 HUM200, SSC200 DAT335 Music Perception and Cognition 3 SCI220 Electives Upper Division DAT Elective 4 Upper division status Electives Upper Division DAT/ELE/SWE Elective 4 Upper division status DAT485 Portfolio II 3 DAT480

Career Description

  • Salary is around $55,340, Demand: Employment of audio and visual equipment technicians is projected to grow 14 percent from 2012 to 2022, Duties and description: Sound engineers must be electronically adept and able to fix equipment when it malfunctions during a performance or recording. Working as part of a production team, they should also have strong interpersonal skills and be able to take direction from directors, producers and other members of a recording or performance crew. A love of music and excellent listening skills are also important.

Job Requirements


  • 4+ years experience working in professional audio environments, broadcast and advertising required
  • 2+ years experience working with voiceover and dialogue
  • Expert skill level in audio software and plugins; Logic Pro, Pro Tools
  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to remain calm and focused when handling large volumes of deadline driven work
  • Strong time management skills
  • Accuracy, flexibility and attention to detail
  • Able to work well within a team while also highly self-motivated and comfortable working with minimal supervision
  • Strong ability to balance efficiency and quality

Persuasive Essay

Attending college is the dream of most kids since they are young. the want to be someone useful in society while doing what they do what they love. In order to do this they need college. Some students already have a college that they would really like to attend for various reasons. In my case I would love to attend Stanford University. The reasons why I deserve attending Stanford University are because I'm a dedicated student and I have high expectations for myself.

Let us begin with stating that I am a really dedicated student. Since I started middle school and high school I have always done everything I could to do good or even better. I started being a student in the U.S. when 6th grade started. When I started school I didn't speak english so I was placed in ESL class. I was dedicated to study everyday and in the course of 2 months I could understand the language for the most part. Then high school started. I wanted to do everything in order to not go to Socorro High School so I looked into the magnet programs. I applied to all of them in order to escape Socorro High School since people always talked about it as a horrible school. All of the schools I applied to accepted me so I had to choose and I picked the IB program at El Dorado. This program is one of the most rigorous in regards to academic development. Since day one I gave all of my dedication to this program and the reward was well worth it.

Now let us talk about the second reason. I have always had high expectations for myself. I started as a A,B honor roll student, but that was not enough. I knew I had to be better than that so I got my grades up to A honor roll. I also wanted the best high school available in order to be as good as I expected myself to be. That’s why I picked El Dorado High School and didn't go to Socorro High School. In my new high school I continued with my high expectation. I would do whatever it takes to be one of the best students because being in IB is not enough. I got my GPA up and studied hard to be at least in top 10%. But again top 10% is not enough for me. I have to be top 5 in order to fill like I have done good enough. Therefore I studied as hard as possible to achieve my own expectations.

So in conclusion I the two reasons why I deserve to attend Stanford University are because I'm a dedicated student and I set high expectations for myself in order to fill fulfilled.This two have been proven with my middle school and my high school experiences. This two reasons are what drive me to be a better student no matter what and that is why I deserve to attend Stanford University.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

One of the many beauties of life is music. Who knew that a simple sound or beat could be so soothing and pleasing to the human ear. Many people love music, but there are few "outliers", if you will. These outliers develop much more than a love for music, there are no other people more passionate for music than these few. The population is really slim, but I had the great opportunity to meet, work, and proudly consider my friend with one, going by the name Luis Duran.

Since I met Luis, he excelled in all the topic of music, he dedicated most, if not all of the leisure time he could to his music, because his music to this day is his love and his passion, which is unbreakable. Being that the audio engineer position is open for somebody, I can't think of anybody else who deserves it more than Luis. One thing Luis is really good at is also people's skills. He can talk in a fine tone with people and is good at adapting to any given situation both physically and mentally. This skill in particular branches out into multiple skills, where he can benefit off of in the near future. Without a doubt Luis is the man for your job.

Luis Enrique Duran is a man of character and value. He puts his labor before himself and always shows respect and loyalty to his pieres. Music has always been Luis’s strong suit, being it is what it is, i can't see anyone other than Luis getting the job. The audio engineering field is the field best suited for Luis, all if the values this career look for, Luis possesses, the job was constructed for Luis. For anymore information regarding Luis, feel free to contact me at any given time.

Alonso Jimenez, Registered Nurse ********* Hospital



Cover Letter For Music Production

Jonathan Allen

Abbey Road Studios

3 Abbey Road, London NW8 9AY, United Kingdom

November 15, 2020

Good evening Jonathan,

Im applying for the position of music production manager at Abbey Road Studios. I'm applying because I'm sure that i can bring a lot to the company and also learn from working with the company.

I have always wanted to work as a music producer and this is a great opportunity for me to show my abilities. I have an audio engineering degree and a lot of first hand experience with music production. My first experience was when I was 14 and I recorded my first song in a small studio. From that I moved into the process of producing music. I have worked with many companies and many different equipment and software. Im reality versatile when it comes to resources. I also believe that my musical background is of great use when it comes to music production. Since I have played the guitar since I was 9 I have aquired a lot of useful skills when it come to playing and recording. I believe that this skills are extremely useful to help others in the recording studio. My skills can facilitate the recording, mixing, and production of music.

I'm really interested in this job position because not only is this studio recognised across the world but it could also teach me valuable lessons that I couldn't learn anywhere else. This position is really valuable and I hope that my set of skills can fulfil all the requirements needed to not only obtain this position but to also be able to make this studio even better than what it already is.

Sincerely, Luis Duran

68254 Dr. Driving-Street




Luis Duran

56813 Dr.Driving-Street





Career Objective: Obtaining a position on Abbey Road studios that allows me to use my abilities with music production, follow my passion, and learn from the working experience.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Musically trained to play guitar
  • Highly versatile with recording software
  • Knowledge of all sorts of recording equipment
  • Strong communication skills
  • Knowledge of various musical instruments

Certification: Sound Recording PhD certificate of completion

Education: Stanford University at Stanford, California

Sound Recording PhD


  • Recording studio manager at Beacon Hill Recording Studios El Paso, TX February 2010-December 2012, here I was the manager of the studio which meant I made sure we were know by using social media to advertise the studio.
  • Mixing engineer at El Adobe Recording Studios El Paso, TX January 2013-January 2014, here I was in charge of mixing the audio and adding effects such as reverb, delay and many more.
  • Music Producer at Paradox Records El Paso, TX February 2014-May 2015, here I was in charge of producing music with many different artist, I also had to guide them through the recording process in case they were not familiar with it.


  • Bill Porte (915)633-7841
  • Alan Parson (915)876-6636
  • Lora Hirschberg (915)352-1234

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