March 26,2015
Aha Moment

As I continue to read, Gym Candy, I noticed something that could have been put in an Aha moment. When Mick gets curios about his fathers career, he feels the need to research his dad on Google. As he scrolls down the page, he finds the right article, the one that bring everything out. His dad was a punk, he was an amazing athlete but was an alcoholic, a player, and an idiot! He didn't get kicked out of the NFL because of an injury, he was a punk, that is all he was. This is when in Micks head, an Aha Moment is revealed. Coach Rooney's thoughts about his father started to make scene. This is why he called Mick a punk but an all-star athlete. This is why mick is judged the way he was by coach Rooney.

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