september 19

my rookin  summer

samanthas adventures at sea world.

One day i was nice and cozy in my bed when my dad woke me up to go to sea world .I was super exited to see shamu splash water on me .So I got ready and jumped in the car to leave to go to sea world .Then my dad says we have to pick up my cousins and my aunt .So we went to pick them up . When we picked them up they wanted to go to star bucks . When we got done with star bucks we hopped in the car to go to sea world .it was really really long drive to san diego .It took us 3 hours to get to sea world .When we got out of the we went to buy are tickets .They where expensive .The first thing we did was eat.I ate chicken tenders with french fries .It was really good .Then we went to see shamu.It was awsome .Then we went to see dolphins .there was an elder singing .Then there was a show with a little girl and a prince .There was also birds flying everywhere ,but they where part of the show .Then we went to see sea otters.It was funny .When it was over we went to go eat.I ate a bacon cheese burger with frys with extra bacon and a shamu cookie.Then we went to go play games.I played a lader game .I only had 3 chances and I only did 2 .On my last chance i was super close on pushing the buzzer ,but i fell.So after that we had to go home .I had a fun time at sea world and hope that we can go again next summer