The Coniferous Forest

*the average temperature in the coniferous forest is 50 degrees Fahrenheit,the lowest it usually gets is -40 degrees.

*the average rain fall a year is 300 to 900 millimeters.

*grass grows under the trees where the ground is dry and where there is enough sunlight. Shaded areas grow ferns and mosses. Fungi grow on fallen trees and help old needles and twigs to decompose. .

*Mammals found in the coniferous region include moose, deer, reindeer or caribou, mice and squirrels. Predators include wolves, lynxes,bears, foxes and wolverines. Wolverines are small, fierce carnivores that belong to the weasel and stoat family.

Interesting Facts
*its a very cold place to live.
*very acidic soil.

In the coniferous forest i will find food by hunting for animals and making traps. I will find water by going to a river or pond and boil the water so the bacteria is not in the water when i drink it. I will find wood and build me a shelter.In the coniferous forest there is a lot of shade from the trees. But it is very cold because of that. You will have to do all of the things above in order to survive in the coniferous forest. There's really not much more you can do to survive in the coniferous forest!

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