Deady School

                                                          Cristal Lopez

Walking to class the hallways seem so large
going this way and that way
Stairway up and down the four floors
8th grade blue, 7th grade gray, 6th grade green
Confused and lost the second day
Come on, remember my class number
Bells echo in the gym
Gym filled with kids

Yes the bell has rung
time for next class
No! the next class there's no fun
up the stairs say hi to no one
OOOOOOOOh NO! wrong floor

Yes I got to class
Yay me I say to myself sitting down
The teacher opens the window
boom the papers go down the floor
Walking slowly to help

Picking up papers here, papers there,
Oh a guy helps me with the papers
Wow a guy

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2 years ago

Good Job

2 years ago

Wow! This is a lovely piece.😄