What is Sucrose?

Substance: Sucrose By:Haley steenhoek & Haena kim

I'm difficult to handle, but yet I'm a simple white substance that is made up of 12 Carbon elements, 22 Hydrogen elements and 11 Oxygen elements, and to simplify that, scientists commonly pronounce this as C12H22O11.

I am a natural sweetener, meaning that this beautiful white substance is in anything sweet, like cereal (depending on the type), your favorite soda, orange juice and CANDY! The reason I am who I am is because I'm made up of glucose and fructose otherwise known as table sugar.

Most people think that I, Sucrose, is an energy drink for children. But, guess what? For once, you need me for your body to function because of carbohydrates. Don't expect to eat too much of me or else you know the consequences even though I am considered empty calories!


Element: is made up of atoms, particles and, molecules to make up a formula.

Molecule: a atom makes up an element.

Particle: Makes up an atom.

Atom: Makes up a molecule.

Whew! That was a handful!




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