Is being cost effective better than increasing prices?

Seeing as you love games so much, try THIS ONE HERE (or click the image below)! In return for 15 minutes of game time you’ll need to answer the following questions in a new tackk (including images)...

  1. Why must Cadbury (and other Businesses) always seek to be COST EFFECTIVE? Help?
  2. What can help a factory to produce more in less time and therefore reduce costs? Help?
  3. Why might Cadbury try to reduce it’s workforce and produce at the same level? Help?
  4. Does Cadbury use Robotics and JIT? Help?
  5. What are CAD, CAM or CIM? Do you think Cadbury would make use of any of them? How? Help?
  6. Which one of the 4 methods of cost effectiveness on is Cadbury NOT likely to have used? Why? Help?
  7. Explain 5 different ways that Cadbury could take advantage of Economies of Scale…Help?