babe Ruth

babe Ruth was born on February 6,  1895 and died on august 16, 1948

Significant Events in History that Affected babe Ruth

both of his parents died of old age

he wanted to do more with his life then to work for clothing stores

People Who Influenced babe Ruth life

himself really because he was a orphan at the age of seven and he had to protect him self

Unique facts about babe Ruth

babe Ruth record for home runs is 714

babe Ruth first position on the field was a pitcher

Ruth's first world series happened in 1915


he made new awards exist

he won 7x world series

2x all star (1933,1934)

The theme of babe Ruth  life was

he was a orphan at the age of 7 so he has to rely on himself.

Babe's words of advice and what he has taught me

babe really didn't give me words of advice but just to see what he has done really made me think how much better I could be as a baseball player . and so I've practice more and now I have become a better baseball payer.

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