Zach Crouse Mesopotamia

Art and Architecture

As society's' became increasingly advanced in Mesopotamia their cultures started to also become more advanced. One of these outcomes of this advanced culture was art and architecture. For an ancient civilization these works of of intricate pieces of art ,to these gargantuan buildings is very impressive. For the large structures such as ziggurats required a great deal of resources and mathematics. As for the fine pieces of art they also show that the people that resided in Mesopotamia were advanced for their time. By looking at the detail and precision of the works you can tell they did not need to worry about getting food as much ,and more about less important things.

System of writing

The Mesopotamian's were the first people to invent a system of writing. This achievement was one of the most important things to be invented. This system of writing was called cuneiform, and was based on pictographs. Pictographs is a type of writing that uses pictures to represent things. A great example of cuneiform being used is that it was what was used to write down Hammurabi's code. For Mesopotamia writing was very important. It was so important in fact there was a job just for it called a scribe.


The first written down set of laws also originated from Mesopotamia. This government included a king. The most notable aspect of the government originated from the Babylonian civilization. It was a decree of 282 laws, and was carved into stone. This was Hammurabi's code, and since then been set in stone.