Zachary Petkanas

Strategist Zachary Petkanas Helped Reelect Senator Harry Reid

About Zachary Petkanas

Communications expert Zachary S. Petkanas has overseen a number of political campaigns, most recently the successful reelection campaign for Senator Harry Reid of Nevada in 2010, but also the successful campaigns of several members of the House of Representatives. He has also served in key communications roles for the Nevada State Democratic Party, Senator Harry Reid’s Searchlight Leadership Fund, and Friends for Harry Reid. Outside of the election season, Zachary Petkanas has also been the communications director for the Office of Senator Harry Reid, serving as the senator’s primary media strategist and assisting in the promotion of his legislative agenda.

Outside of his professional life, Zachary Petkanas is a voracious reader on historical subjects and also enjoys music and theater. He takes particular interest in ancient Roman and Medieval English history. When not absorbed in political activities, he can be found at the symphony or playhouse, enjoying opera and musical theater productions. Prior to embarking on his career in politics, Zac Petkanas earned a bachelor of arts in political science from The George Washington University.

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