Zack Wickline


Let's start from the beginning, Mesopotamia was a very large empire with a maze of shops and homes. They were very advanced in technology during their time, they were the civilization that invented the wheel (the most commonly used item in the world.) and the chariots.                                                                          


They created the very first monarchy government and laws to organize the empire from crime. Few years later they started to build walls to protect there empire from enemy attacks from other empires. Irrigation was a very important way of farming, it led water to their crops to boost production to feed the entire empire. Hammurabi's Code played a very important role in their community by making a set of 282 laws that dealt with most of your daily life.                                                

                                                           Art and Architectures

They even had art and architecture, they created Ziggurats so they can worship gods. They even made a cylinder seals that they carved on stone for decoration. When they invented the wheel they made a pottery wheel to make pots to hold spices and water.                                                                        Job Specialization                                          

They even had jobs too, like they had scribes that learned how to read and write so they can send letters to message the emperor about an important meeting or a war. Mesopotamia was a huge step up to the world and we are still learning about more and more things.