Day 6 (Wednesday 5/7)

Voyage to the South: Under The Artificial Sea

"We're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths"

Unlike yesterday's great adventure, today was laid back, much to everyone's satisfaction. For me, we made memories I will never ever forget today, I experienced my first aquarium! I, similar to the younger kids around us, was mesmerized by each passing fish tank and hands on activity. I might have been the most determined to touch a sting ray, laying on my stomach, shoulder deep in the sting ray tank. Despite my determination, I never did touch a sting ray. However, we still had a great afternoon spent looking at underwater creatures and overspending in the gift shop, on things the kids will lose or break in a week's time. When we came back to the beach house, we swam in the real sea, wishing we were swimming with the fish we had seen earlier.

Our day was relaxing and peaceful, spent making the most beautiful memories effortlessly.