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My name is Sarah Minton, and something about me that is most likely different from other people, is that I was born out of this country. And when I say that, I don't mean just beyond the border, in Canada. When I say "not born in this country", I mean born all the way over in Okinawa, Japan (which for some reason gives many people a reason to think I am Japanese).

Although it's cool to be born on an island over in Japan, the biggest downside is that I can't remember a thing about it. Kind of lame if you ask me.

Another thing about me, is that I am a very busy person outside of school, because I purposely keep myself busy buy having a bunch of hobbies. One of these hobbies would be drawing. I love to draw quite a bit, and I have been drawing since I was three, and my very first canvas, was all over me.

Aside from drawing, I also really like to write. Sometimes, although, I enjoy writing too much, too the point where I am writing a story in the middle of math, when I am supposed to be taking notes. Trust me, I have been called out on that quite a bit...

I also like to hang out with people, and do random things that no one else would probably care about. Even if I'm not hanging out with people, I'm still being weird  regardless of what people think.

Just hanging out.

And last but certainly not least, Anime. I love it. And I am pretty sure I spend more time memorizing quotes from my favorite anime shows, than I do with my vocabulary words for Language Arts.

My Favorite Anime; Sword Art Online, (SAO

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