The Dog Stars

By Peter Heller

The whole of this book takes place in future Erie, Colorado. Specifically, the main character spends his time in an airport and later a valley.

The protagonist of this story is Hig, a hopefull pilot and fishing enthusiast. Hig must learn to deal with a new world when a flu pandemic wipes out the majority of the population.

The antagonist are the people who wish to gain Hig's living space and supplies throughout the story. From regular individual scavengers, to well armed groups.

There are two overlying themes that I noticed in this book. The first of which is that in hard times, you have to make changes to adapt to your circumstances. The second theme can be described by a quote in the book, "Weird. Never know how you feel about someone until their house is torn open." In other words, you never know how you feel about a person until they are gone or in distress.

The reasoning of the author to write this book was to entertain with a story of dystopia and apocalyptic living. In addition, author Peter Heller states "to somehow, deal with my own grief about what is happening to the ecosphere." when talking about the extinctions of certain species occurring because of humans.

Readers would enjoy this text due to the fact that it has elements of dystopia and surviving the end of the world but also elements of championship between man and dog, relationship between a man and woman in these times, and also friendship between two men in order to survive.

“This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.”

-T.S. Eliot

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